Adam Gordon
Press release

There is a light on in a grey room. A young man creates artifacts in his room. A draft occasionally cuts the dead, moist, air, leaving a residue. Mold spores emerge in the corners of the thick walled rooms.
A woman who lives in the house sits with the young man in the afternoon. Linoleum covers the walls. Marbled glass set in the front door is yellow and brown, sunlight filters through, and colored light plays against the walls, fading in hue as the dimness absorbs it.
An electric fan whirs, but they can still hear muffled sounds from passing cars. They will be there forever, as months lengthen into years.

Chapter NY is pleased to present tiernan, Adam Gordon’s first solo exhibition in New York.

Gordon’s multi-disciplinary practice focuses on the construction of experience. Through methodically manipulating the senses and relying on lived experience, he sets an enigmatic tone, one that peels back the layers of the banal while setting the stage for the re-examination of the physical and emotional self. All the while challenging an inherent need for a defined narrative by pushing the boundaries between reality and fiction. Through the disruption of the mechanisms that customarily govern the art viewing process, he creates works that envelop and are all consuming.

Adam Gordon lives and works in New York, NY. He received his MFA from Yale University in 2011 His work has recently been exhibited at Andrew Kreps, NY; National Exemplar, NY; Night Gallery, LA; Know More Games, NY and Derek Eller Gallery, NY.

In conjunction with tiernan, Gordon will also present Iwona.

She is an esoteric female, searching the early internet. She lives alone in a stucco apartment building in Jersey City.
She will be in the vicinity of the gallery twice a week during the course of the exhibition.