Lives and works in Chicago, IL.

Paul Heyer’s paintings envision a fictive world that defies natural order, wherein every form is changeable. Painted on polyester taffeta, his characteristic flowers, trees, butterflies, human figures, and skeletons exist in states of constant transformation. Heyer embraces an impressionistic logic of dissolution and disorientation, suspending his subjects within a non-specific amniotic realm. His recontextualized signifiers hover at the edge of the material world and hold potential for infinite readings. They simultaneously bloom, evolve, wither, and die, always on the verge of transformation. Activated by energetic brush strokes and throbbing with potentiality, his paintings embody transitional moments of becoming.

Paul Heyer (b.1982, Olympia Fields, Illinois) lives and works in Chicago, Illinois. He received his MFA in painting from Columbia University in 2009. He has had solo exhibitions at Chapter NY, New York; Night Gallery, Los Angeles; Soccer Club Club, Chicago; Mickey, Chicago; and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. His work has also been included in group exhibitions at Manarat Saadivat, Abu Dhabi; Baader Meinhof, Omaha; the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; Perrotin, New York; Park View/Paul Soto, Los Angeles; Sargent’s Daughters, New York; Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York; Shane Campbell Gallery, Chicago; Rodeo Gallery, London; Young Art, Los Angeles; 356 Mission, Los Angeles; and Rachel Uffner Gallery, New York; among others.