Patrick Berran

September 10 – October 22, 2017

Chapter NY is excited to present an exhibition of new work by Patrick Berran. This will be the artist’s second show at the gallery.

Patrick Berran’s work plays upon the transformation of visual information through layers of painting, printing and transfer. The exhibition includes a series of new paintings on panel, including the artist’s largest compositions to date.

Berran builds up his saturated surfaces through the break down and overlay of various layers of aesthetic disturbance. Pulled from observational sketches, photocopy-collage and found textures, the artist abstracts these initial marks through various transfer techniques, which compound and opaque their original source material. This deliberate process translates Berran’s initial aesthetic information into a form of dense static, evoking the material weight and volatility of visual data.

This complex consideration of “mark-making” frames Berran’s initial outline for the creation of each work. His resulting compositions exhibit the layering of these painterly and residual processes. Images are recycled and revived through various screens of information, as initial rules are either followed or reformed. Counter to generative strategies, Berran’s paintings frame controlled chaos through intuitive and aesthetic choice. The resulting work echoes a type of Modernist tryst: fissures or fragments of alternative spaces vibrating with their own internal entropy, atmospheres etched into and dissolving out of view.

Patrick Berran lives and works in New York, NY. He received his MFA from Hunter College, New York in 2006. He has had solo exhibitions at HUNTER / WHITFIELD, London; White Columns, New York; and Chapter NY. His work has been included in group shows at Rod Bianco, Oslo; M+B Gallery, Los Angeles; Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, Indianapolis; and Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, New York.

Website Untitled, 2017, 60 x 46 inches

PB 645 Website Untitled, 2017, 60 x 46 inches

PB 646 Website Untitled, 2017, 47 x 35 inches

PB 641 Website Untitled, 2017, 60 x 46 inches