Mira Dancy

June 7 – July 10, 2015


In this room the line is haunted. The head of the arrow is blunt, so the images aren’t perfections, but amalgams of all the who’s we were standing in the mirror when we saw our bodies flicker on the horizon.

Yes is a direction. → Yes follows out. → Yes loops back. It moves from the back of the throat and up to the teeth in one sure step. Consent etches a tongue.

The woman you see is outlined by moonlight and a rock in her hand catches extra light. She reads the rock before she pitches it – its glow, its glint, its weight… then Venus dips down in the sky and I imagine her– Psyche distraught by Cupid until Not.
-Mira Dancy, 2015

Chapter NY is excited to announce Yes, Mira Dancy’s second solo exhibition in New York. This exhibition aims to emphasize the full-scale of Dancy’s practice, elaborating on the graphic and narrative motivations that funnel in and out of her paintings. Yes features a wall painting, neon relief, and a series of works on paper created from 2013 -2015.

Through the window of the gallery, the visitor first encounters Screen Test in Agony’s Garden, a wall painting featuring a monumental, long-limbed woman reclining in a landscape, spanning two walls of the gallery. Her angular distorted form cradles the viewer as you approach. Opposite, a perched silhouette rendered in neon against a reflective black contour emits a low white-blue glow, while the letters y-e-s emanate across her chest.

In Dancy’s depictions, women fluidly shift between the public and private realms; they sweat in saunas, change in dressing rooms, sprawl in nature, or pose in advertisements. Her figures are assured, buoyant, and composed, regardless of whether an image happens to give off the vibes of a statue, a fiction, or just the everyday poise (and/or demise) of an implicitly sexy hardworking woman. As Dancy’s loose, inky works on paper disclose, each image plays host to a full spectrum of innuendos and structural possibilities.

Mira Dancy lives and works in New York, NY. She received her MFA in painting from Columbia University. Dancy has had solo shows at Night Gallery, LA and Kansas Gallery, NY as well as an upcoming exhibition at Galerie Houssenot, Paris. She has been included in exhibitions at Know More Games, Brooklyn, Asya Geisberg Gallery, NY, Suzanne Geiss Company, NY and Zach Feuer, NY.

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