Caitlin MacBride

Ramping At The Bit
April 10 – May 31, 2015

The romantic fragment is not a fragment of something else. It is neither an incomplete part of a work nor a part of an incomplete work; the work itself is nothing but an ensemble of fragments. The idea of the “fragment” as a singular being thus becomes inseparable from the idea of “fragments” as plural beings.
-Jacqueline Lichtenstein from “The Fragment: Elements of a Definition”

Chapter NY is thrilled to announce Ramping At The Bit, Caitlin MacBride’s first solo exhibition with the gallery With this new series of paintings, MacBride delves into the subtext of the archeological remnant, considering not only the information that is provided, but putting as much weight on what is missing—a desire to fill in the blanks.

The paintings stem from MacBride’s own close-up photographs of Greco-Roman plaster casts, images, which draw attention to the objects' molds, seams and smooth plaster surfaces as well as to their distance from the original source. Expanding on this space between the original and the cast, the paintings focus on archeological fragments or cloths, placed on geometric grounds in shades of blue that operate as displays or backdrops.

The ambiguity of the paintings instill a desire to project, supplement and restore the parts to their complete forms, creating a new kind of visual unity through the integration of these fragments into a larger pattern. This is not an attempt to replace what was lost, but instead create a home for what has survived and point to the enduring potential for infinite formal combinations.

Caitlin MacBride lives and works in New York, NY. MacBride’s work has been exhibited at Real Fine Arts, Greene Naftali, Zach Feuer and Primetime. Her work has been written about in Dis Magazine, New York Magazine and featured in ==, published by Matt Keegan.

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